A quick introduction to me and video games

On of my favourite hobbies is designing and creating video games. By now I have learned enough about the creation process, the software and also have more solid visions about how my video games should look and work. So I have decided to publish the ones I am making these days here on my website. Creating video games (although it has to be indie games. I do not want to work for a big video game company) has been my dream for all my life so I am pretty excited about finally taking steps into that direction.

I am currently working on 2 projects, the first one, which will be my first made video game is going to be a fantasy adventure rpg sort of thing made with RPG Maker. The second one is a project I started as an Austrian Peace Servant at the Hiroshima Peace Culture Foundation and is supposed to let the players experience the events of war in order to teach them about the importance of peace.


War Peace Game

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